Create, finish and present a book with a half case leather binding.
Use and develop design ideas from sources of inspiration found in the research in Task 1.

The book must include:

  • a minimum of eight sections
  • two tapes
  • at least two lengths of thread with a join
  • a ribbon marker and hand sewn headbands
  • a cover constructed of board and covering materials.

The book must be a minimum of A5 in finished size and portrait style.


Photograph and display the finished book with a half case leather binding.

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Suggested activities

Unit 220: Making a book with a half case leather binding


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If you can.....

..... then you are ready to complete this task

  • Demonstrate competence and proficiency when executing all the techniques from the previous tasks
  • Make a half leather binding that is aesthetically pleasing, feels right in the hand and functions well
  • Practice, practice, practice!
  • Make maquettes to try out different design ideas and materials
  • Review your work:
    • Make sure all the requirements have been met
    • What went right?
    • What went wrong?
    • How could you improve?