Research a range of techniques used by historical, cultural and contemporary bookbinders who specialise in books with a half case leather binding. Collect images from a range of sources.

Collate and present the research using visual and written evidence. This may include sketches, scans and photographs of design ideas to show the use of colour, line, texture, shape and form.

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Suggested activities

Unit 220: Making a book with a half case leather binding


  • Browse 'half leather binding' on the web
  • Visit other binders, second hand bookshops, libraries, museums & exhibitions
  • Search for appropriate articles in publications from the Society of Bookbinders and The Guild of Book Workers
  • Investigates techniques for making endbands, marbling paper and making hollow spines
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Tips for documenting your evidence

Your research should demonstrate an exploration of bookbinding.

Include evaluative comments related to the research.

Reference your sources.

Record visits to retail outlets, exhibitions, libraries

Record the books, journals and websites consulted.